I Have No Advice

Today’s been a rough one. No, I haven’t rushed anyone to the hospital (yet). There haven’t been any fires (yet). Everyone’s limbs are still attached and the house is still here.

We’re all a little cranky from staying up late. That’s probably it.

Serves me right for organizing them all into an “at home campout” last night after our neighborhood one was cancelled. Serves me right for dragging mats, sleeping bags, furniture, and snacks into the family room. Serves me right for watching an action film (the only sort my husband says he can stand watching with the kids) until 11 p.m.

So, I have no advice like “be a fun parent.” Look where it got me.

If you’re going to get any advice out of me today, it’s that you ought to take naps. Frequent naps.

Maybe have the kids take a nap, too.

pim-chu-dWzWo22F0mA-unsplash (1)

Photo Credit:
Pim Chu


Β©2019 Chelsea Owens

21 thoughts on “I Have No Advice

  1. Hey, A+ for effort! And one day the kids will look back and say – remember when we had that campout and watched that action movie? They won’t remember how cranky they were the next day, right? You probably will and may not call for a family room campout again πŸ™‚

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