The Problem with Parenting and Free Time

Ha. You don’t have it.

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Still with me? You still don’t have it. I write because, at the time I first started, the only me-time hobbies I had were sleeping and eating. I didn’t even have showering or using the bathroom -in fact, I didn’t even have sleeping and eating. And so, I started writing. I even had some paid work doing writing; this fact warranted the use of that non-existent free time toward facing a computer and expressing myself with words.

So, it’s easy to look back over this and my other blog, shake my head, lament my negligence, and resolve to …ignore the elephant in the room because I have even less free time now. Buuut, I’ve loved it. Thank you for reading and supporting. I’ll be back when I can.

And, if you’re a parent without much free time, I get it. Keep at it, whatever you’re doing. Spending some of that time on yourself will make you less crazy, and that’s never a bad thing.

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