Shopping Tip 1

Today, I bring you a purchasing tip.

Wait and buy stuff on clearance, especially after holidays.

Now, you may be thinking that a gingerbread haunted house is not something you can use until the following year. True, so check the expiration date. With items like tablecloths, food dyes, sprinklers, pot holders, and baking cups (aka muffin liners); however, there is no expiration date.


“But, what about when the cupcake wrappers literally say, ‘Valentine’s Day?'”

Dude; that’s when you use them for just your family. I pulled these puppies out for cornbread muffins. My kids don’t care; they just throw them away after sucking the crumbs out of them.

I’ve also found that holiday items that look like Christmas or V-Day or Halloween can be more versatile than I originally think. For example, some of the wrapping paper I bought last year (green and red) actually didn’t look that Christmas-y when I used it for a birthday.

Just shop smart. Look for universal colors and patterns.

And remember: chocolate is always in season.

When the Summer Gets Hot, Get Sprinklers

Summer is here in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s been hot!

We’re nearing 100° and feeling it. Every afternoon I’ve noticed a bit of a wilt amongst the plants, people, animals, and even the asphalt.

What’s a family to do, especially one trying to save money?



For just such times; we have a plastic kiddie pool. We have a relative with a much larger pool. We’re also a ten minute’s drive from three splash pads (the greatest invention since public elementary school). Heck; I’m a fan of sprinklers, hoses, and buckets.

If you’re one of those parents always looking for great DIY hacks, a neighbor of mine once brought over water balls she made from cut-up sponge strips and an elastic. After they’re dipped in water, they make great weapons or game props.

If you’re one of those parents who wants the kiddos to do something useful once in a while, park your car away from the house and let them ‘clean’ it while they water-fight. Or, put the hose and/or wet children over a dry patch of grass.

And if your spouse is too uptight about the whole thing, ‘accidentally’ lock him out of the house while the children happen to have hose access.


Hopefully he’ll cool down enough to forgive you.


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