Inspirational Quote 9

“Motherhood has completely changed me. It’s just about like the most completely humbling experience that I’ve ever had. I think that it puts you in your place because it really forces you to address the issues that you claim to believe in and if you can’t stand up to those principles when you’re raising a child, forget it.”

-Diane Keaton

Me Time Just Might Be Wishful Thinking


One of the best pieces of advice for parents is to take time for themselves.

I find this especially true for parents of young children. There’s nothing quite like days and nights and in-betweens completely filled with the whims of tiny people. Parenting is a noble business, but that nobility is hard to realize when one is exhausted.

Hence, as I said, the advice to have “me time.” Unfortunately, many parents are blessed with more challenges than others. Those challenges include proximity to decent babysitters, proximity to a money tree to pay for decent babysitters, various behavioral issues that make babysitters unlikely to want to tend, and various behavioral issues that make it so that the parents need to find someone competent to tend.

I’ve heard the advice to use family members, but what if you have none? I’ve heard that “you’ll make time for what’s important” -but that’s why parents spend their paycheck on food, clothing, shelter, and health care.

When, then; how, then are parents to get that sacred time to themselves?

Since I hate to leave anyone hanging, I thought of a few ideas.

  1. Hire Mary Poppins. Simply list what you need in a nanny, tear up the paper, and release it out the window.
  2. If Mary Poppins can’t get round to you, look at online sitter services. Some areas have special needs options listed. Some countries assist parents in paying for those services.
  3. Use electronic babysitters. If your child is young, pop in a movie while you take a closet break and read or watch what you want to. If your child or children are older, go for a walk or to your own movie while they watch one at home.
  4. If they are able, have the kids ‘watch themselves.’ When we’ve been invited to a neighbor’s house or to a movie nearby, we’ve paid the kids to tend themselves. They watched a movie the whole time so, technically, it was an electronic babysitter again.
    The trick is that each child reports to me whether he thinks they all deserve payment. If a brother or two tells that another was rotten, he doesn’t get paid.
  5. Use sleep. Don’t stay up too late, but use the hour or so between kid bedtime and your own to catch up on your shows.

That’s all I’ve got for now. If anyone has input as well, I’d love for you to add more suggestions in the comments.


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Steal Your Kisses if You Have To

My oldest has never been an affectionate child. Just like with pacifiers, bottles, or naps; I tried all the advice people gave me. No matter what, he did not like to be touched when he didn’t want it. It’s been thirteen years and he is still this way.

Naturally, I blame myself. It’s the mother thing to do.

On the flip side, however, my youngest is very affectionate. He literally asks for a hug or kiss or tells me what he is feeling and what he needs. The two are like night and day when it comes to showing love even though I’m fairly certain they came from the same womb.

So what’s a parent to do? Like the old song says, I always have to steal my kisses.

Not that I force myself on him; that would drive him further away. But; I do get in a head rub or a shoulder pat. If I haven’t encroached in his teenage space too badly he’ll even allow a side hug. When he’s had a great day he’ll sometimes be the initiator.

Besides the physical options, there are other ways to show affection. I can get away with notes, cards, presents, special privileges, helping with his chores, doing service, or just listening when he finally talks.

When all is said and done, I also sneak into his room and kiss him when he’s sleeping.

Don’t tell.


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Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay