Cleaning Tip 2

I’m not a big cleaner. Despite my main career being that of mother and housekeeper for over a decade, I keep it casual so I don’t have to admit that I actually do those activities all day.

That aside, I still need to wipe counters and tables and such. A couple of years ago, I noticed that necessity was quickly draining our name-brand counter cleaner. A friend of mine who cleans houses for her job gave me this tip:

Make your own cleaners.

A specific mix she gave me that is safe on most surfaces is: equal parts vinegar and dish soap in a spray bottle. I initially made it with untainted, all-natural Dawn and whatever vinegar Wal-mart had on the shelf. Most recently, I mixed the regular Dawn with …well, the same vinegar.

It’s rather sudsy, so I prefer more vinegar than dish soap. It also smells like vinegar (go figure), so you may want to add a scent if that scent bothers you. Overall, the cost difference is worth it.


Photo Credit: JESHOOTS.COM

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Cleaning Tip 1

Most of my housekeeping has the end goal of never needing to do it again in my life. I’ve got to change that philosophy because, lo and behold, every day brings more clothing and more dishes.


Part of my 12-step process has been to learn what does work with cleaning. Surely there are methods, products, tricks, etc. (besides death or a maid) that make housework easier. Right?

Cue discovering a new cleaner: Bar Keeper’s Friend.

No, I don’t have a link nor a picture. You have the internet; you search. That way you can’t blame me for being a sales-pitch blog and all that.

This is a picture of the inside of my crock pot after using the cleaner.


It’s actually a picture of the inside of my crock pot after my sister-in-law cleaned it for me. I didn’t even know she’d purchased the stuff. That is also why there is no “before” picture.

Just imagine streaks, stains, and several dubious brown spots.

The stuff seems to work so, if you have a kitchen implement or sink or whatever that’s listed on their bottle; try it. Hopefully your pan/pot/sink/child* will come out looking brand-new again.


*Do not try Bar Keeper’s Friend on your child.


©2019 Chelsea Owens