Quick Dinner Tip 1

Fast food is not as ‘fast’ or as ‘food’ as they claim. If you’re in a real rush that cannot possibly wait for a trip back to the house, I recommend foresight.


I usually know when the evening is going to be busy, but somehow assume that dinner will appear on its own. I say things like, “We’ll think about what to have when dinner gets closer.” I always forget that I am a human being whose logic abilities go down when I do not have nourishment.

Translation: I get dumb when I get hungry.

My first dinner tip is to plan ahead. If I know the evening will be rushed then I pack us food like we’re going on a picnic. In the car. While wearing karate, soccer, or choir uniforms.

Trust me; they’re the new way to dress for dinner.

You’ll save more money, eat healthier, and not fund a franchise trying to take over the world with golden arches. You will also model good behavior for the kiddos, save the environment from more leftover fry oil and hamburger wrappers, and make the world a better place.


Photo credit:
Grahame Jenkins

A Poem About Socks

Hanes and co.
They have my sole
Or I have theirs
(It’s hard to know)
The point is that we’ve little dough
Because, although,
I tell them, “No!”
My boys will blow
Socks through the toes
Because they grow
And I can’t sew

Darn it.


Seriously, I Need Some Organization

I am a mother. As such, I do not have a lot of time to write. I have a lot of time to think, but I have yet to invest in some sort of thoughts-to-text translator because my hands are always busy with something.

Come to think of it, the thoughts-to-text thing would be a bad idea. My posts would look exactly like my scenario at the end of “Distracted Momming,” but without formatting. If you are the sort who has conniptions about run-on sentences and such, you would be gone. Heck, would be gone because I’m a perfectionist.

HTC Desire 20151206 172

Since I do want to write a mothering blog and do want to be fairly consistent doing so, my initial goal was to write three posts a week. Monday or Tuesday were a longish post, Thursday or so was a quick thought, and Saturdayish I shared my top secret recipes.

I believe things fell apart when Christmas Break hit. Frankly, The Story of my Life is that everything falls apart when the kids are not in free babysitting (aka public education).

My new resolution, therefore, is to follow a new posting schedule. This is what I have so far:


Observations, thoughts, and experiences in motherhood, with my weekly review.


A poem about motherhood; quality not guaranteed.


An inspirational quote involving purpose and/or parenting.


A recipe, cooking tip, or cool food idea I find online. We’ll call it Foodnesday or something really clever like that.


A snippet about the joys of parenting.


Parenting advice, based on my years of practical experience.


My favorite Twitter post of the day.

This is a good point to ask you faithful fans if there is anything you would like to read about. It may fall under one of the proposed categories, or be an idea instead of what’s listed.

Go ahead: you have my full, divided attention.