What the Frick?

I’m not perfect. Hear that, Brain?! I admitted it!

Today’s episode of “I’m Not Perfect” deals specifically with my penchant to curse under extreme duress, or under not-giving-a-fudge-covered cookie.

My children are not ever, ever, ever, ever allowed to curse. Hence, a recent development: my son using an odd alternative, frick.

“What the frick?!”

“I’m frickin’ coming!”

And, yesterday:

“Frick you!”

Which is the point at which I said the substitution was not a good one.

We’ve been fortunate that none of the children has pushed the line with bad words …yet. Even my teenager, who admitted the school halls were alive with the sound of swearing, maturely resists Sailor Speak.

I know it’s partly because of the standard we set. It’s also because we’ve gone Ralphie of “A Christmas Story” with potty words on occasion. It’s also also because we consistently, patiently, and logically explain our reasoning behind language restrictions.

And so, till high school, I wish us all luck in teaching our children clean language. I also wish you a frickin’ good day.

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12 Indoor Games for Kids So You Still Love Each Other After the Quarantine

It’s like summer vacation! -during which everyone is home, everyone needs to stay home, and everyone might have to be in the home.

Oh, goodie.

Before any parents rush to their local Amazon for ear plugs and chocolate, however, consider the following list of screen-free activities for kids:

12 Indoor Games for Kids So You Still Love Each Other After the Quarantine

    1. Hide and Seek
    2. Tag
    3. Find the Hidden Object (Hot and Cold)
    4. Nerf Battle
    5. Arts and Crafts
    6. Lip-Sync Challenge
    7. Toilet Paper Dress-up
    8. Baking
    9. Indoor Snowball Fight
    10. Pretend School
    11. Tickle Monster
    12. Board Games and Card Games

You’re sure to build family ties with all this self-isolation and school closed togetherness. Why not make those ties more like bonds of love instead of bonds of a straitjacket?

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