“We Don’t Point Guns at People”

Once while browsing through clothes at a consignment shop, I witnessed an interesting mother. She and her daughter were looking through dresses. A small boy zoomed past; I guessed him to be 3 or 4 years old. He waved a toy pistol he’d ‘borrowed’ from the toys for sale and made shooting sounds as he ran.

“Pew! Pew!”


The woman stopped the pretend assault and relieved him of his weapon. “Now, Garrett**,” she admonished, “We don’t shoot guns.”

She might have gotten offended if she’d seen my expression, a mixture of hilarity and shock. For, in our house of 4.5 boys, we possess a full arsenal of Nerf guns, Nerf crossbows, plastic bows, Nerf swords, Minecraft swords, and many off-brand toy hand guns. When not shooting darts all over the basement; my kids and their friends hurl pillows, socks, and each other at each other.

The consignment shop mother’s comment reminded me of my own mother’s words, once upon a time. My oldest was two years old, and he had been fascinated with guns since he’d learned to speak. After aiming a squirt gun her way, my mother said, “No, Samuel**, we don’t point guns at people.”

All this talk of guns and swords and pro-gun rights for children might peg me as a weapons-happy, gun-lovin’, dyed-in-the-wool carrier who won’t have my right to bear arms ripped from anything but my cold, dead fingers.


Although I am in favor of that amendment, my support of the boys and their pretend weapons stems from logic.

  1. My children turn most objects into weapons, and then use those weapons to attack each other. The toy guns with their sponge bullets give them a better outlet for that aggression.
  2. It’s impossible to play the sorts of war games mentioned in #1 without ever pointing a gun at a person.
  3. All of my rules have been created to channel the boys’ actions into somewhere productive instead of trying to make them stop feeling the way they do.

So, what’s a mom to do? Our official rules are:

*You can’t shoot anyone not playing The Gun Game and not holding a gun.
*You can’t shoot heads or sensitive parts.
*You can’t shoot at close range.
*Swords can only hit other swords.
*Only wrestle with Dad.

Actually, our #1 rule, the one I made years and years and years ago is:

*No heads, no necks.

My sister thinks it’s hilarious, but now she has children of her own….



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**Names changed


Photo Credits:
Image by ariesa66 from Pixabay
Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels
Photo by Alex Kalligas on Unsplash
Image by นัทธิ์กวี แก้วบุญ from Pixabay


©2019 Chelsea Owens


13 thoughts on ““We Don’t Point Guns at People”

  1. I have a boy and our house is very similar and my rules are also very similar. We also have a lot of talks about nerf guns vs real guns. Now that he’s 12 he gets that but I’m not going to take away his fun to be PC and freak out that h because he plays with a nerf gun he’s going to become a mass shooter. Responsibility and guns is what is taught in the area I’m from and for the most part the shooting related deaths are very low. We had a sad incident of a man with PTSD who shot his parents and a family friend and then himself, but we are lucky that people here understand the importance of not being flippant about the dangers, while also still wanting them to have the right to them.

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    1. Yes; I forgot all the lectures about appropriate use, etc. 🙂

      We only own Nerf guns at the moment. When they get older we will probably take them to shooting ranges or whatnot. Safety first!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We only have nerf guns too. He wants an air soft rifle and his friend’s dad owns a gun shop so we know where we can go for safety lessons in the future but I don’t know that I see us a “gun-toting” family later on … 😂😉

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  2. We are in Europe. I mean me and my kids, I mean most of the time. I understand your point but here we have easy access only to swords…and everybody knows how to dodge or get sheltered from a sword. I myself was knifed twice… and here I am 🙂
    Anyway, my point is: I’m very happy you educate people on weapon usage. I think it’s needed, but for me, it’s like learning how to use a fork, but more lethal, so to say.

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    1. I’ve heard about the swords thing in Europe. Since they have access to guns and now play Fortnite… it’s more of a redirection and education thing.


  3. I think kids playing is completely separate to what happens later in life. We have a few Nurf guns but it’s always been plastic swords here really. All my friends had plastic swords. Yet not one of them now has an a keep full to the brim with every type of sword, lance or crossbow or feels the need to go round claiming it’s our right to brand a sword.

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