What the Frick?

I’m not perfect. Hear that, Brain?! I admitted it!

Today’s episode of “I’m Not Perfect” deals specifically with my penchant to curse under extreme duress, or under not-giving-a-fudge-covered cookie.

My children are not ever, ever, ever, ever allowed to curse. Hence, a recent development: my son using an odd alternative, frick.

“What the frick?!”

“I’m frickin’ coming!”

And, yesterday:

“Frick you!”

Which is the point at which I said the substitution was not a good one.

We’ve been fortunate that none of the children has pushed the line with bad words …yet. Even my teenager, who admitted the school halls were alive with the sound of swearing, maturely resists Sailor Speak.

I know it’s partly because of the standard we set. It’s also because we’ve gone Ralphie of “A Christmas Story” with potty words on occasion. It’s also also because we consistently, patiently, and logically explain our reasoning behind language restrictions.

And so, till high school, I wish us all luck in teaching our children clean language. I also wish you a frickin’ good day.

upset woman listening to therapist
Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

©2020 Chelsea Owens


16 thoughts on “What the Frick?

  1. Oh my gosh, I am battling the frick beast as well. I don’t want to hear them curse either and frick is way to close for comfort. Not only that, the little lassie says it in public – at church or soccer practice and I have to hang my head in shame.

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  2. Never worried me overly if I’m honest . We encouraged them not to at school, but really the lesson became when it was ok and when it wasn’t mostly because of the audience. I swear sometimes, Linda doesn’t. My daughter does, my son never. No one important to us thinks the worse of any of us. But everyone has to parent as they think best so good luck with it

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  3. Swear words are an absolute no-no for me, but, with everyone being home more and my husband dealing with work situations he must now take care of at home, everyone’s getting a little restless to the point where our 5 year old’s favorite phrase is “you’re freaking kidding me!” I naively thought I had about another decade before we hit this point.

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  4. Our kids don’t swear. My husband doesn’t swear. I don’t swear.
    …Except when I get really, really mad…once in a while…a word or two may POSSIBLY escape… and usually out of earshot of my kids.
    But I will never admit to it later, because I am an upright Christain citizen, who would NEVER, EVER swear! 😜

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    1. 😀 😀 Try being pregnant again. There was literally a Sunday where I told the kids to get their damn shoes on; my son was like “Mom; you swore!” -to which I maturely responded with three more swears…

      It’s more of an annual event for me, and I NEVER say some words.

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