Accurate Parenting Haiku

Soft and searching hands
Wish for their mother’s embrace
Or, the treat she eats.

Pitter, patter, KICK
Say the feet of the brothers
Right after, “I’m sorry.”

Midnight’s calm respite
Awaits those who claim its call
Unless you’re parents.


©2019 Chelsea Owens

Make Time for Yourself (A Parenting Myth)

“Make time for yourself” is my second-favorite parenting advice. It comes right after “Enjoy the moment and don’t stress about the little things like housework, etc.”


The problem with making time is that I haven’t achieved that superpower yet. The problem is that, last time I checked, there are still 24 hours in each day. The problem is that I have to care for the physical and emotional needs of human beings and the house they live in during 56 of those 24 hours. I’m already over-booked.

This topic came up tonight in our couples conversation time -you know, another thing I need to make time for. My husband said I am accruing a deficit by working when the children are in bed. He suggested that time ought to be for winding down; working on things that make me happy.

I felt I had enough supporting argument in the unmade bed we sat upon, surrounded by the unsorted laundry, near the still-whispering children we’d sired. He did not.

Half an hour of discussion later and we were no closer to resolution.

So, what do you think? How expensive is a time-stopper on eBay anyway?


Photo Credit: Roberto Nickson

©2019 Chelsea Owens

I Have No Advice

Today’s been a rough one. No, I haven’t rushed anyone to the hospital (yet). There haven’t been any fires (yet). Everyone’s limbs are still attached and the house is still here.

We’re all a little cranky from staying up late. That’s probably it.

Serves me right for organizing them all into an “at home campout” last night after our neighborhood one was cancelled. Serves me right for dragging mats, sleeping bags, furniture, and snacks into the family room. Serves me right for watching an action film (the only sort my husband says he can stand watching with the kids) until 11 p.m.

So, I have no advice like “be a fun parent.” Look where it got me.

If you’re going to get any advice out of me today, it’s that you ought to take naps. Frequent naps.

Maybe have the kids take a nap, too.

pim-chu-dWzWo22F0mA-unsplash (1)

Photo Credit:
Pim Chu


©2019 Chelsea Owens