The Morning Menagerie

Why did we buy an alarm?
Why not a dog
A cat
Or a myna bird?

For, you see,
the real alarm
Is me
(The yelling mom.)

But a dog
A cat
A myna bird
Might do the job as well;

When the carpool’s at the curb
I’m barking
Repeating repeating repeating
As they do;

While the children lumber
-Like bison-
Out the door.


Photo Credit: Jonathan Mast

©2019 Chelsea Owens

You Just Can’t Win

When your toddler whines
So you say, “Speak nice;”
Then his brother mocks
Your good advice:
You just can’t win.

When they’re given jobs,
Then they scowl and say,
“You want a slave of me!”
You just can’t win.

When you stand, mid-pile
And lament the clothes
So you ask, “Whose socks?”
But, then no one knows:
You just can’t win.

When you’re up all night
With not one, but three
And your best friend says,
“You should get more sleep:”
You just can’t win.

When you read of logic,
But mostly love
Then they dodge your arms;
Give a return shove:
You just can’t win.


When you tuck them in
And they’re still and sweet
Then you stare and sigh;
They’re so cute, asleep…

zach-vessels-leUFTSlCEXk-unsplash (1).jpg

Photo Credit: Zach Vessels

©2019 Chelsea Owens