What They Hear

“Scrub your plates,
And then the floor.
Wash your feet,
Then wash some more.”

Yet, through the filter
Of their brains,
The message shifts;
It’s not the same:

“Scrub your teeth,
With cookies, cake.
Wash the walls,
With homemade waste.”


©2020 Chelsea Owens

Photo Credit: Photo by JACK REDGATE from Pexels

Is There an Echo?

Please go, pick up your
Backpack, mess

Please go, pick up your
Backpack, mess

Please go, pick up your
Backpack, mess

Why are you stressed?

Why are you, just now, telling me
To get my backpack;
Clean my mess?


Photo Credit: Ratiu Bia


©2019 Chelsea Owens

Mother, May I?

Mother, may I play with toys
Play with your jewelry
Play with noise?

Mother, may I wash the house
Wash the dog and cat
Wash your fav’rite blouse?

Mother, may I break the hose
Break your antique vase
Break Brother’s nose?



©2019 Chelsea Owens

Making a Muddy Mess

“Mom!” my sons yell at me, excitedly. “We’re making islands and I connected our island and there’s a really long island…”


I take in their muddy, sopping wet clothes and the redesigned side yard. And I smile.