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Ironically, I didn’t go so far between posting back when I was far busier. The problem is that, last year, I made a goal that never saw fruition: to be nominated for my friends’ Blogger’s Bash. So, I wrote every day. I posted tips, quotes, advice, etc.

And, I spent the sleepless days and nights in nauseated discomfort from being pregnant.

Still, the blog looked good. And, on the plus side, I was able to proudly display my every-day-writingness for things like applying for a writing job (that fell through), and applying for more recent jobs (those also fell through).

What does that leave me with?

A baby -well, nearly a toddler. Today, as I put clothes into my dresser that he pulled out again, I realized where daily-bloggingness had gone: right where all the socks and underpants were now going. Even while I was pregnant and busy, my children were older. When they slept, they slept (mostly). When I wanted a break, I could do things like send them outside or put on a Minecraft video.

So, I’m not sure where this mom blog will go. Perhaps, like with the children, it will see occasional nourishment and care*. Perhaps I’ll try scheduling poems again. Or, perhaps I’ll pop in now and then to feel guilty that, again like with the children, I’m just not telling the blog I love it enough*.

For those loyal, wonderful, amazing, beautiful, handsome, intelligent people still following, thank you. You are all of the previously-listed attributes and more.

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*Still joking.

I Had My Baby!

Just a little heads-up: I delivered my fifth baby boy on December 2, 2019 at 1344. He weighed 6 lbs, 4 oz and measured 19 inches long.

Baby Five Top (2).jpg

He’s much smaller than he seems in the picture, but we’re a month along and doing fine.

Big Announcement

I announced this over at my main blog, to my family, and even to a sweet deli counter worker at Smith’s who totally understood why I was miserably ordering a fried chicken strip: I am expecting a baby.

This is the most recent picture of little Skeletor.


I am about 12 weeks along and the baby always looks great on ultrasounds -which I’ve had five of. Problem is, I’ve also had some bleeding due to a chorionic hematoma or two. The more you learn, right?

So, sorry about the intermittent postings on this blog. I’ve been sick. Like; sick, sick, sick. Then I’ve been on bed rest.

We find out what sort of creature we’re having in about a month. Who thinks it’s yet another boy?


Sunday, June 9: “A Bona Fide Reason to Cook with Your Kids.” Despite knowing that teaching cooking and baking would prove useful in my children’s lives, I was happily surprised to have it come to fruition.

Monday, June 10: Wrote a poem titled, “Boy Mom Bathroom Haiku.”

Tuesday, June 11: Shared a quote by Sue Atkins.

Wednesday, June 12: Shhh! Whispered my top-secret flour-measuring method in a second Baking Tip.

Thursday, June 13: “Do As I Say But Not As I Do,” a quick thought about the slight hypocrisy of parental advice.

Friday, June 14: Embraced the mess in “Rainy Days and Mondays Don’t Have to Get You Down.”

Saturday, June 15: Shared Marissa‘s tweet about Daniel Tiger’s accuracy.

Sunday, June 16: That’s today!


©2019 Chelsea Owens
After all, I made him/her. You know, with help.