Dinner Tip 6

These past few weeks months years have been a bit difficult for us. Before the birth of my last second child, I budgeted really well and planned out meals for a whole month. Since then; well, it’s been hit-or-miss.

Hence one of the main reasons I’ve shared recipes that work for us and tips to help other families in the same boat.

One item that’s saved our bacon lately is freezer meals.

Freezer Meals!

There are many passable recipes online for easy make-ahead varieties. Those are healthier than the processed stuff and you can control what goes in. Even when we’re more up on our game, though; we still purchase dinners like frozen pizza, lasagna, pot pies, and burritos. Costco’s allowed us to get even fancier with Yakisoba noodles, pot stickers, and taquitos.

Considering that a restaurant trip for our family costs $60 and up, a $20 box of chicken pies is definitely worth keeping around.


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A Chauffeur Mother’s Prayer

As I sit here in my car

And watch thru glass as my son spars,

I wonder why I drive and stay

For sporting errands day by day

Instead of sating daytime wishes

Like …washing clothes or …doing dishes?

And so I stay and man my station;

One more hour of Mom Vacation.



© 2019 Chelsea Owens

Why Give Teachers Presents?

My children have had a fair mix of school teachers over the years; good, bad, never ugly. Some could have been ….better at their jobs. -You know, jobs where they should have known they were working with small children and might need a smidgen of patience and crowd control. One or two others were phenomenal and more than earned their middling teacher’s salary. The rest land just lower than that, which is fine for a normal human.

But that’s it: teachers make the same whether they put a movie on at least once a week day or whether they split children into ability-appropriate groups and organized educational games.

And all of them take my children all day. That right there is enough to earn their pay.

On top of that, they manage to teach my kids a thing or two that I couldn’t. I’d say that’s good for a candy bar on their birthday.

Best of all, that saint with a yardstick did not end up killing that one child (who looked a lot like my son) who dumped water on her on Field Day and ran off laughing about it. I’m …still working on what to get her.


Teaching is a highly underrated and underpaid profession. Yes, teachers only work 9 months of the year. Technically they work from 8-3 instead of 9-5. They get summers off and Christmas Break and the occasional PTA present of a mug. Some do not try as hard as they might and some go into the profession intending to not try.

In actual practice however, teachers spend the ‘extra’ 3 months setting up lesson plans, classrooms, and schedules. Their days run from 7 a.m.-whenever they finish grading homework. Many work summer jobs to make ends meet (often also in an educational position like Driver’s Ed). Some have so many mugs they donate them straight to Goodwill. Most do not go into teaching to make money, but to make a difference.

Even the (two) times my children have had barely passable elementary instructors, I made sure those women received some token of appreciation at Christmas and during Teacher Appreciation Week.


The very people teaching my boys with positive reinforcement could use a little of their own. Teaching is difficult. The pay’s not worth it. In several areas of the world, the children and the parents put stress on already impossible expectations.

And maybe every time a child (who looks suspiciously like mine) acts up a bit, they’ll feel somewhat better knowing a parent out there loves them and appreciates what they do.


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