Dinner Tip 2

Cooking does not have to be that complicated, especially with the prevalence of so many frozen and pre-made options.

My tip today, however, is to not be afraid of making basic meals.

Don’t fear cooking!

There are a ton of easy meals that don’t take a lot of time, ingredients, or money to make. From the Poor Man’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich to French Bread Pizza to all the quick meals I listed on this very site, you have more than the drive thru to choose from come dinnertime.

You can do it. I promise.


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Pixzolo Photography

Quick Dinner Tip 1

Fast food is not as ‘fast’ or as ‘food’ as they claim. If you’re in a real rush that cannot possibly wait for a trip back to the house, I recommend foresight.


I usually know when the evening is going to be busy, but somehow assume that dinner will appear on its own. I say things like, “We’ll think about what to have when dinner gets closer.” I always forget that I am a human being whose logic abilities go down when I do not have nourishment.

Translation: I get dumb when I get hungry.

My first dinner tip is to plan ahead. If I know the evening will be rushed then I pack us food like we’re going on a picnic. In the car. While wearing karate, soccer, or choir uniforms.

Trust me; they’re the new way to dress for dinner.

You’ll save more money, eat healthier, and not fund a franchise trying to take over the world with golden arches. You will also model good behavior for the kiddos, save the environment from more leftover fry oil and hamburger wrappers, and make the world a better place.


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Grahame Jenkins