Background Noises

I didn’t know I’d have a backup band
To life
Actually, to doing anything ‘alone.’

I didn’t know I’d have such a choir
All day
When I tried to complete a task.

I didn’t know I’d have constant supervision
Even at night
Where my dream sheep have children chasing them.


©2020 Chelsea Owens

Photo Credit: Simon Matzinger

7 thoughts on “Background Noises

  1. Ah yes… never realized how difficult it could be to be around these little people I love so much. How I could be so lonely but want time to myself so badly.
    Life in pictures: Me kissing their cute little noses. Them running around in chaos until I scream for them to go away. The door locked, even though it takes 10 seconds for me to change because inevitably someone tries the door handle every time. Reading in my bed where it’s quiet, but the noise follows me there. A rare moment of snuggles that I never want to end. A desperate moment of three kids screaming at once.

    Beauty, endurance, love, and pain, come together in one simple word: Mother.

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