Super Parent or …Me?

I recently had a brush with a Super Parent.


Between coordinating math competitions and drawing up homework schedules and suggesting vinyl cutouts of inspirational quotes to stick around the school, the Super Parent (SP) texted me to ask how my overachiever plans were coming along…?

I assured SP that all’s well, then accidentally sent my son to school in his younger brother’s pants.

While I could blame my lack of motivation and involvement on the number of children I’m keeping alive (five), I know I’ve had about the same level of parenting for all of them. They just get things like the wrong pants when I’m recovering from popping out their sibling.

Thing is, I have a different reaction than action compared to SPs.

Problem: Son needs a real volcano for his Science Fair Project? He needs it now? It’s due tomorrow? But it’s bedtime…

Solution: Meh; this will build character. Go to sleep and cobble something together in the morning.

I’ll teach the values of project management, ingenuity, and last-minute b.s.-ing. Frankly, that last one will help him more times than he’ll know.


I’ll admit to some guilt when my laissez-faire approach comes out. What if not having five hours of piano lessons since he was five means he never goes to college? What if he catches pneumonia because I couldn’t leave my hour-away appointment to pick him up because he felt “sniffly?” What if that real volcano impressed little Julie Jenkins, super-intelligent and talented daughter of the SP that texted me, and she therefore agrees to go out with and marry my son when they’re twenty, and my adorable grandchildren (whose upbringing and education will be handled by their SP grandparent) never come to be??

That’s when I reassure myself that, if Julie Jenkins doesn’t love my son for who he is, she shouldn’t marry him. I mean, volcanoes can only take a relationship so far…

That, and I’d rather be a consistent and level-headed parent than a volatile and high-strung one. I’ve seen those go-getter types in school, and they were only happy when they had the good stuff. I don’t want that for my kids if we can avoid it; I want them to be balanced and truly happy.

So, SP, things are going well. My kids are alive, my son’s wearing pants, and my other son just pulled some paper into a mountain and painted it brown.

He says the vinegar and baking soda will be red.



©2020 Chelsea Owens

Photo Credit: Valeria Zoncoll
Xavier Mouton Photographie
Aaron Thomas

15 thoughts on “Super Parent or …Me?

  1. Yours is the kind of parenting I can relate to. I think this past week was a “dress up as something different each day.” I DID get the memo. I DID throw it out too.

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  2. Most super parents are just living the life they wish they had through their kids. Kids don’t need “to every opportunity”. They just need someone who listens, loves and allows them to learn hard lessons from their unorganized ways! I refuse to pack my kids lunches. I refuse to make them practice. They will face the consequences for laziness and learn.

    Either that… or they will learn to bum off food from those around them. lol!

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  3. The kids are still alive and kicking. Probably literally. And that’s all that really matters. It’s like that quote from…last week? Maybe it was on your main blog. But one of the last lines was about how if we do everything for someone they’ll never learn for themselves. It’s really my golden rule to parenting. Super Parents are way too overzealous and it scares the life out of me to watch them zoom around, and being in control of your kid’s life doesn’t teach them anything.

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      1. They can bring over the fish. Cleaned and properly filleted, please. It’ll be a test of the skills we taught, and a nice way to get dinner when I’m old and gray.

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