Cleaning Tip 2

I’m not a big cleaner. Despite my main career being that of mother and housekeeper for over a decade, I keep it casual so I don’t have to admit that I actually do those activities all day.

That aside, I still need to wipe counters and tables and such. A couple of years ago, I noticed that necessity was quickly draining our name-brand counter cleaner. A friend of mine who cleans houses for her job gave me this tip:

Make your own cleaners.

A specific mix she gave me that is safe on most surfaces is: equal parts vinegar and dish soap in a spray bottle. I initially made it with untainted, all-natural Dawn and whatever vinegar Wal-mart had on the shelf. Most recently, I mixed the regular Dawn with …well, the same vinegar.

It’s rather sudsy, so I prefer more vinegar than dish soap. It also smells like vinegar (go figure), so you may want to add a scent if that scent bothers you. Overall, the cost difference is worth it.


Photo Credit: JESHOOTS.COM

©2019 Chelsea Owens


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