No Kids Allowed: The Death of the Family

What would the world be like without children? Quieter, I imagine. Less messy. Less chaotic. No rules about censoring swearing on the radio, maybe. Toy departments geared toward 20-somethings. An absence of miniature items, everywhere. An absence of parks and children’s museums.

In a world such as that, how would the odd, pregnant woman be treated? Stared at, I imagine. Whispered about. Talked about. Shunned. Insulted, perhaps? Watched closely when she tries to purchase clothing to fit her expanding size. A general doctor explaining how he rarely sees this sort of thing anymore -wouldn’t she prefer to abort?

And then, how would others react to marriage and families? Strangely, I imagine. With wariness or confusion. With raised eyebrows and intrusive questions about life choices. Without tax benefits. Without special Family Days, Kids Meals, or Half-Price Admissions.

You might think such scenarios to be far-fetched. Surely we will never reach the point of a world without children! Of course pregnant women will be accepted and supported! When will couples and their families be ostracized?!

I tell you: sooner than you think.

Over a decade ago, a good friend told me she lived in Germany as part of being in the Air Force. She said she received openly hostile looks for bringing her baby son to a restaurant, yet a woman with a dog was accepted.

When I’ve walked around, heaving my heavy stomach in a waddling fashion, I’ve gotten a judgmental vibe in the downtown areas. Where youth, vigor, liberal views and pro-choice abound in a college crowd; there is no love for pregnancy in the air. There are almost tangible questions of, “Why would you choose that?” amongst the stares.

And, outside of our state, we’ve experienced impatience, judgmental looks, and ignorance regarding our children. At a children’s museum on free children’s admission day nearly 8 years ago, a woman in the gift shop told her coworker she’d “shut that baby up” -in reference to our 2-year-old making interesting sounds in the echoing entryway.

I understand. I do.

I understand that some women do not want to birth children.

I understand that quite a few couples don’t want to raise children.

I understand that many people do not want to deal with children at all.

But, I know that an anti-family social norm is killing us. I know a world without children is not sustainable. I know we need pregnancy. I know we need marriage and families.

And, I know that we can’t just assume someone else will take care of that responsibility. We need, instead, a return to the social assumption that families are the norm. We need love and support for those trying to raise their offspring to not be sociopaths. We need acceptance, appreciation, approval, and attention.

We need families.



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Photo Credit: Tyler Nix

©2019 Chelsea Owens


15 thoughts on “No Kids Allowed: The Death of the Family

  1. Interesting. I don’t think we are becoming that way but there are lots of nasty people out there… And old seem to be the worst. The noise and normal chaos that are part of being children is hard for old people-tge noise is unbearable and they are afraid of being hurt or children being hurt and are too frail to do anything about it. (An observation)

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  2. Interesting thoughts. I don’t think children make the most noise, that has ben usurped by social media. Was on Twitter yesterday and noticed that the video making the rounds was an AOC rally where a woman stood up and said we need to eat our babies to progress the climate change agenda. I’m not sure what she meant by that and I assume she has mental issues but it made a lot of noise on social media. I agree the anti birth movement seems to be becoming a thing and is being associated with climate change hysteria and save our planet from these nasty humans. I’ll stop there but I could go on.

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  3. I think we are headed in that direction. Young adults now are so self focused. Marriage rates are declining AND I just read that the amount of births in 2018 was the lowest birth rate in 32 years. I bet it keeps going that way and “the look” will be more prominent.

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    1. It makes me sad. I’m not even the best spokesperson for making and raising babies, yet I feel like others need to stop all the selfish behavior and at least support families.

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  4. Great post , but a disturbing trend. A trend created and pushed by the environmental activists and climate change alarmists. When you are taught that children are causing the destruction of the planet , why would anyone want to have them ? Christians or anyone who disagrees are labeled “birthers”. Very sad . 😔

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  5. I’ve had ideas for books on these very ideas I may write one day. Children are children–no matter how they come into the world they need our love, protection and support. If a society can’t provide this consistently, fairly and equally… we’re not a very functioning society. We’re just playing the game of “each out for their own gain.”

    That woman at the store? Words fall short. I would’ve have pureed her into a banana cream pie. Back off, lady. What a jerk.

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    1. 😀 Outspoken Texan, her.

      You’ve hit the nail on the head: my main qualm is the selfishness and nearsighted behavior of people. I know kids are hard; I don’t even really want to birth so many (this is still an issue Chelsea’s working on 😉 ), but I also know that we need to socially support a family-centric future.

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