How Do You Dinner?

Every evening of my life, I’ve needed to eat dinner. Breakfast and lunch came before that, of course, but dinner is a more serious matter.

That is because I am the dinner-bringer.

I am she who must plan, purchase for, prepare, set for, get children to eat, and clean up after- dinner. Sure, they help. They’re being housebroken. But all those dinner activities are part of my mental load as stay-at-home mother and reluctant housekeeper.

As I prepared the meal this evening, I began wondering if meal prep as I do it has gone the way of the traditional family. Am I odd in making food each evening? Am I unique in purchasing, preparing, and cooking dinner?

Why do I wonder these things?

Because, fair reader, I know that most families have both parents working. I know that working is exhausting and time-consuming. I know that dinner-making is also exhausting and time-consuming. I therefore assume that most families either eat out or pick up something quick.

Are my assumptions correct? Tell me, what do you do for dinner?


Photo Credit: The Joy of Film


©2019 Chelsea Owens

6 thoughts on “How Do You Dinner?

    1. Yes, I remember your schedule. My nephew needs regularity, too. His mom had to stop at a specific Wendy’s for his chicken nuggets on the way to our family party.

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  1. No… When both working, My husband got home first and likes to cook, so he would get dinner ready. I did cleanup. We still do the same during retirement. When I was a single mom and very very poor, I would come home from work and cook something!

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    1. True; most of why I cook is to save money. Actually, most of why I cook is that I want it to taste good. 😉

      We’re still working out the kinks in chore assignments, but thank heavens for Costco and its whole chicken or pizza!

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