“Work at Home,” They Said

I sit to type this on a momentous day: the first Friday my newly-christened Kindergartener does not have school.

I spent half an hour typing that opening sentence.

Why? Why would it take so long to type ONE SENTENCE? For those who don’t have children at home right now -laying on your shoulder, touching your touchscreen laptop, eating toast onto your head, and whining, “What should I doooooo?”- you have no clue.

No, not even if you have a cat. Or cats.


Not that cats aren’t cute…

“Mom, guess what? Once, when I was playing Minecraft, Brother#1 made me go up a lava fall and I popped up under a villager’s house.”

Yes, my five-year-old literally just interrupted me to tell me that. Getting half a page typed before that isn’t bad; probably because he was eating toast. Yes, onto my head.

In my unicorns-and-going-to-the-bathroom-alone dreams, I keep thinking I can have it both ways: raise the kids AND work from home.

Like most people who live, breathe, eat, shower, and occasionally sleep; I need money to fund my lavish habits. We’re lucky that my husband has been the breadwinner for all the time we’ve had children. However; since we also have children who live, breathe, eat, sleep, and occasionally shower; I’ve picked up a side job here and there to help.

“Guess what a mothership is supposed to be? …A mother in a ship.”

Now we’re onto Starcraft 2, a computer game involving war in space.

*Sigh* Maybe we’ll have nap time today.

Maybe I’ll stay awake during it.


©2019 Chelsea Owens


16 thoughts on ““Work at Home,” They Said

  1. I like StarCraft. Can I play StarCraft also, please? 🙂 Seriously, I understand you. I don’t let my two offsprings play more than an hour in a day. This the day I let them play. And with breaks to do the chores: ordering, cleaning, etc. It’s true they are 7 and 5, but…

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  2. Oh my goodness, I tried – I failed. And this was when I was working full time and I only had my older two. “I’m on a call,” really never registered with them. I would find myself locked in the corner of the house, on a call, trying to make business ends meet, hoping they weren’t killing each other (or blowing up the house). Mmmaybe I’d be better at it now? I dunno – it’s hard!

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    1. I help with our at-home business. Sort of. Okay, only occasionally these days. I think a working parent needs child care, or a LOT of screen time for the kids.

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  3. This is exactly why I’ve shelved my dreams of being a freelancer, and I only have 2 kids! As much as they talk, though, it sometimes feels like 10. Half of me looks forward to the teenage years when I’m more likely to get grunts and glares.

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    1. Grunts, glares, snide little comments meant to stab you in the gut… teenagers are FUN!

      I did a bit of freelancing when #4 was in preschool over a year ago. I also hired a housekeeper, though. 🙂

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    1. 😀 I need to alter that slightly and hang it on my wall: Multi-tasking is the height of bad parenting. 😀

      That’s pretty much why I can’t do anything good quality or in-depth as a parent.

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    1. That was much my experience with the freelance job I had a year and a half ago. I kept whittling down my assignments…

      BTW, have you fixed commenting on your blog?

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