Money-Saving Tip 1

I’m not big into organic foods, whole foods, saving the planet, or even saving money. Why? Time, mostly. Placement of impulse buys, mostly. But I do what I can.

Today’s money-saving tip is also a great planet-saver:

Purchase reusable containers.


We eat a lot of sandwiches around here, because the boys attend a charter school with an über expensive hot lunch. About 3 years and a few hundred sandwich bags ago, I decided Mother Earth could use fewer plastic bags thrown away.

The variety of reusable sandwich containers pictured are also BPA-free and probably contain X% recycled materials. I bought them off Amazon and they do the trick.

I recycle and reuse as much as I have time and money for. If we all do at least that, I’m sure the world will be a cleaner place.


©2019 Chelsea Owens

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