The Beauty of Telling Children, “No.”

Children ain’t easy to raise. They try a parent’s patience, destroy household items for fun, and cost a placenta and an umbilical cord to even birth them. It’s just icing on the cake that we, as their guardians, are expected to also teach them good behavior.

Behavior like not being spoiled, rotten brats who throw temper tantrums in public.

You know; when they know better. Psychological meltdowns are a different ball of wax.

In terms of a typical upbringing, this is where a truly magic word comes into play: NO. “Mom, can I eat dessert before bed?” No. “Aw, Dad, just one more hour of Fortnite.” No. “But we promise we’ll clean the entire fort up before getting into every board game we own.” No.

See how it works?


But you’re a smart parent. You know that that, “No” isn’t as magic a word as “candy” or “grandma” or “game.” “No” is the sort of magic that requires supplemental materials to make it work. It needs three such materials: truth, consistency, and follow-up.

Truth: When you say they can’t, they can’t. You’re not lying and they need to learn that.

Consistency: Closely tied to Truth, being consistent means your word is always your bond. No begging will change that.

Follow-up: In order to bolster the power of “No” a consequence may be in order if the child cannot stop begging, yelling, or destroying in retaliation. Make the punishment fit the crime, and follow through.

Like I said, children ain’t easy. Children who are never given boundaries and expectations are far, far worse.



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Photo Credit: Image by truthseeker08 from Pixabay


©2019 Chelsea Owens

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