There’s Nothing to Eat

Ev’ry meal, no matter when
No matter what
No matter who;

No matter where the kids have been
Or what they’ve et
Or what I do;

Or how the kitchen’s full of food
Since I just shopped
Since I just spent;

Since I just barely fed my brood
They’ll drain my stock
They’ll still lament;

They’ll still stand there, in fridge’s heat
And say, “But Mom, there’s nothing to eat.”


Photo Credit:
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay


©2019 Chelsea Owens

4 thoughts on “There’s Nothing to Eat

  1. Every meal! Yes! And we JUST went shopping, WITH the kids and had them PICK OUT the food they were willing to eat this week. Uggggghhhh! Loved (and could completely relate) to your poem!

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