Hotel for …Fun?

I recently planned a vacation. Not planning on doing that again anytime soon, but…. that’s not what I’m recommending today. Today I want to talk about booking a hotel for a family vacation.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a place that can actually accommodate everyone, sure. That aside, how do you find somewhere to stay?





For us, it’s become about amenities.

We need free breakfast, Cartoon Network, a pool, and …well, that’s pretty much it. In fact, during this most recent vacation-that-we’re-not-talking-about, my choice of hotel centered around a recent discovery: water park.


That’s right! Not content with merely offering a waffle machine at the breakfast bar (still a very cool amenity in my children’s eyes), sleeping destinations have stepped up their game to include entertainment of a higher caliber.

Once I learned of this, I specifically chose a hotel with a water park. Sure, it was just one slide and a few squirting hippos. But, if that’s the search term I have to put in Expedia or whatnot, they can call it ‘grandma’s knickers’ for all I care. Point is that they delivered.

My sons went round and round, up the stairs and down the slide and up the stairs and down the slide…

And when bedtime came around, you can bet I found that ‘water park’ amenity worth any extra effort it took to find a hotel that included one.


Photo Credit:
Blair Connolly
Diogo Nunes


©2019 Chelsea Owens

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