Food Tip 8

Even when I’m more on top of life and have meals planned out for …days, I depend on my personal food tips and tricks. I can’t number how often I’ve started a meal and realized I’m missing an ingredient.

That is when my prepared foods and pre-purchased staples literally save my bacon. I realized, however, that I had not specifically recommended a vital food tip:

Keep a food storage.

Not everyone has extra space, I know. Not everyone has extra money. Not everyone considers buying ahead, knowing of those limitations. But I can also tell you that my husband and I have always purchased a little ahead of our food supply.


Like with cereal. I have so many breakfast eaters these days that I load up on extra boxes when the local Smith’s Marketplace runs deals.

Since we are in a more spacious house now, we also store more Doomsday Preppers-type items like oatmeal, flour, sugar, and rice.


Before we had children and a basement, our flour supply was a couple of buckets. The oats were an extra Quaker container. The tuna fish was three surplus cans.

Ah, tuna fish: The greatest, cheap protein that lasts and kids hate to eat.


I don’t like tuna very much, either. I make a tuna salad mix for sandwiches or a tuna casserole with potato chips and cheese on top to make it palatable.

The point is that our basic food storage has many benefits. Keeping a year’s supply of wheat will sustain us in The Zombie Apocalypse. Ten buckets of sugar just might get us through the Christmas season. And, the spare Girl Scout cookies I hid downstairs help in the between-times.


©2019 Chelsea Owens

12 thoughts on “Food Tip 8

  1. Wow, those are some serious flour and sugar bins! That’s a great idea – probably saves a lot to go big. We don’t have a lot of space – if I need sugar or flour I am usually going to the store to buy a little bag of it. I like your big supplies!

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    1. When we had less space, I kept one of those 5 gallon buckets of each in the bottom of our pantry or even in our closet in our room (we had a big closet but small everything else).

      I then keep a smaller container up in the kitchen where I use it. It helps to do so if you bake frequently.

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    1. I admit that my storage impulses come from the LDS background, but so does my making dinner every day and being a stay at home mother. 🙂 At least I use my supplies -excepting the 50-year-old wheat my husband inherited from his family.

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