Thank You, Businesses, for Free Events

We’ve hit our bi-annual Family Depression early this year, perhaps due to the combined costs of a surprise pregnancy and the final failing of our faulty water heater. I’d say to let the latter rest in peace, but honestly wanted the plumber to leave it behind so we could axe it in pieces.

At these times I start seriously considering rice and beans for dinners. I start examining the dryer lint and dropped hairs for re-use projects. I snap at the kids for running the water, the bathroom fan, their legs, and the lights.

Candles might be good…

This also means that any summer plans start involving internet searches for free events. I love free concerts, free splash pads, and free movies in the park. “Kids eat free” is another great one, though adding “…with paying adult” limits those of us who are not living polygamist lives.


And I know hosting such money-less ventures is messy. When kids are involved, things get noisy and broken. Weird problems arise, like a rubber life-sized Transformers doll stuck in the drainage pipe.

Which is why I am grateful for those companies and public facilities that run them. I am.

Someday, long after they’ve retrieved the Transformer and cleaned up all the wrappers, I’ll return with a more mature crew. Maybe when the city is voting on increased funding for public parks I’ll recall how great the parks we went to were. I will definitely eat at restaurants that catered to us and were nice, and stay away from those that were not.

Even today, I leave an extra tip after my children leave behind a whirlwind.

So thanks, businesses and peoples. From one poor, grateful parent; your efforts mean a lot.


©2019 Chelsea Owens

5 thoughts on “Thank You, Businesses, for Free Events

  1. It’s really tough. Blown more than the budget on the Kiss concert. Two doors started to break at the same time, very kind of them. Ones the conservatory one so it’s on the same level as building a Moon lander. Now it’s free stuff for 6 weeks, it’s kinda liberating.

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