The Women’s World Cup Ain’t Such a Bad Thing

I’m not a regular sports fan but even caught the soccer fever these last few weeks. Team USA! -right?

I’m also not one to parade women heroes around because, frankly, I feel that some people take issues a bit too far. Not that I don’t feel pride when women succeed; I do. Not that I don’t think the USA Women’s Soccer team isn’t AWESOME; I do. I just felt a tad uncomfortable at the man-hating type women’s pride.

However, I forgot the downright positive effect that team could have.


We’ve been hosting extended family at our house. My usually very male household has been overrun by females: a family of eight children, seven of which are girls. Accordingly, my perceptions and feelings have been more female-centric.

What brought the World Cup into this? One morning I awoke to breakfast preparations and learned that the oldest (a teenager) had gone jogging outside early that morning. Surprised, I asked her mother about it.

“Oh, she’s been following The World Cup, and I think she felt inspired to work harder.”

Sure enough, about an hour later the back door opened and in walked the young woman in question. She had a soccer ball under one arm and looked as if she’d been doing drills.

And that’s when it hit me: those women are making a positive difference. Those women are literally encouraging young girls to strive for their dreams. They are role models. They are amazing.

So if you, like me, tend to get a bit squirmy over these issues because of crazy politics, remember the good. Remember that a little girl, somewhere, has been given an attainable hope because of a few older girls and their ability to take on the world.



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Photo Credit:
Jeffrey F Lin
Jeffrey F Lin

©2019 Chelsea Owens

8 thoughts on “The Women’s World Cup Ain’t Such a Bad Thing

    1. Oh, I’m good getting mad about that. I just don’t like some of the angrier people who think we need to bring down males in general to achieve such goals. My boys need self-pride, too.

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