A House Full of Kids is a House Full of Love

We’ve had a few house guests lately. As in, 10. It’s been busy. And, as usual, I’ve not had much time for writing.

Coming on the tail end of pregnancy-induced bed rest, the influx of company was a bit overwhelming. Granted, they came fully prepared to make me rest and cater to me hand and foot and help in whatever way possible.

In fact, I think they were a bit disappointed to find me finally up and around.


But, eight extra kids is still eight extra kids. Just my kids all day every day requires a bit of maintenance. So, I’ve been up making meals and helping with dishes and mitigating disputes over who had what sword and which son of mine cheated in which board game.

Still, I’ve been having fun. We all have.

Three of my children are sleeping on my bedroom floor and the laundry is more everywhere than it usually is. I often feel I am sloshing through socks in order to use the restroom (which, being pregnant, is quite often). The dishes need to be done every time there’s a meal. There is a constant buzz of activity and noise.

When I married my husband, I remember him telling me the house was too quiet. He is the youngest of seven children. Being a solitary introvert from a small family, I found our newlywed situation perfect.

But after two weeks of a house full, I agree. A full house is just about right.



Here’s what I wrote this past week:

Sunday, June 23: Thought about hotel limitations with “Where Do We Sleep on a Road Trip with Kids?

Monday, June 24: Wrote “The Most Loving Sight.”

Tuesday, June 25: Shared a quote by Jim Gaffigan.

Wednesday, June 26: Let you in on my secret of few supplies and many mouths.

Thursday, June 27: “Where’d You Get That Face?” -a snippet about a joke my twin cousins had.

Friday, June 28: A follow-up to the dentist post of last week: “A Return to the Dentist.”

Saturday, June 29: Shared Snarky Mommy‘s tweet about her snarky son.

Sunday, June 30: That’s today!


Photo Credit:
Ben Wicks
Austin Pacheco


©2019 Chelsea Owens


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