Twitter: Save the Favorite

Watch Which One

MumInBits knows that we really do have a favorite…


11 thoughts on “Twitter: Save the Favorite

  1. I’m still waiting for that happen. My kids have such serious stranger danger going on that they freak out of they see someone they don’t know and I’m not 2 feet away. If they ever get there, I’ll probably be hiding behind my sofa, too!

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    1. Where are all these parks with sofas? 😉

      Mine are definitely at the age where they all run off. My youngest needs to know where I am so he doesn’t go too far.

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      1. Well, perhaps not comfortably cushioned sofas, but I’ve had the pleasure of resting on some surprisingly nice benches. Or maybe they just felt comfortable because my aching body was so tired from running around with toddlers…

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