Dinner Tip 6

These past few weeks months years have been a bit difficult for us. Before the birth of my last second child, I budgeted really well and planned out meals for a whole month. Since then; well, it’s been hit-or-miss.

Hence one of the main reasons I’ve shared recipes that work for us and tips to help other families in the same boat.

One item that’s saved our bacon lately is freezer meals.

Freezer Meals!

There are many passable recipes online for easy make-ahead varieties. Those are healthier than the processed stuff and you can control what goes in. Even when we’re more up on our game, though; we still purchase dinners like frozen pizza, lasagna, pot pies, and burritos. Costco’s allowed us to get even fancier with Yakisoba noodles, pot stickers, and taquitos.

Considering that a restaurant trip for our family costs $60 and up, a $20 box of chicken pies is definitely worth keeping around.


Photo Credit:
sheri silver

4 thoughts on “Dinner Tip 6

  1. As much as I would love to try and make freezer meals, I just don’t have the space.

    I do love the bulk size of Costco products, but I hate the small size of my freezer. I feel like I am playing a game of Tetris when putting away the groceries.

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