Food Tip 4

Kids can be picky eaters. I’m lucky in that I didn’t really get a picky eater till my third one. Whether kids like the meal you’ve made or not, however, presentation is usually key.

My food advice today is:

Make the food appear more interesting.

A few ways to do this include:

  1. Cutting it into cool shapes, especially their favorite ones.
  2. Allowing them to choose toppings or arrangements. This works well for meals like tacos or potato bar.
  3. Serving it as a sandwich mouth (with olive or grape eyes) or an octopus veggie tray.
  4. Hiding veggies in tiny diced form in their mashed potatoes or sandwich.
  5. Having the food talk to them about how much it wants to swim in their tummy.

I’m also a big fan of telling them they need to try just a taste of what I make. It doesn’t always work, especially with sensory issues, but it’s a good standard when you can have it.

Plus, there’s always bribery (dessert).


Photo Credit:
Image by Ana_J from Pixabay

14 thoughts on “Food Tip 4

  1. My kids must be aliens. I’ve tried this on them and they refuse to touch it (must be because it’s just so artistic). I have better luck slapping it in a bowl and telling them to eat. Not that they eat any more that way. I think they survive on air and milk. But I still dream of creating cute lunches for when they head off to school.

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    1. 😀 You can try. I’ve sat in lunches with my kids at school and watched other kids dump most of it in the garbage at the end.

      My second son often unpacks his untouched lunch the next morning when he goes to pack another for that day. :/

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      1. Oh, I definitely will! And hope and pray they eat something. Though I have a feeling my son will be like yours.


    1. Ah, thanks! I’m down to occasionally cutting a cheese slice into a house or a heart, but I did more fun things when I only had two littles.


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