Dinner Tip 5

Dinner’s often our most difficult meal time. I’m usually running around to sporting events or martial arts or scouts. The husband’s just getting home after work and traffic. Despite trying to plan ahead or have a few items around with which to make a meal, some nights I just can’t stand to eat one more pizza or another grilled cheese sandwich.

This is when the internet is my best friend. That, or Panda Express. I type in “Quick and Easy Dinners” and voilà! Thank YOU, Google! (Now, get out of every single thing out there.)

Besides using l’internet for a new recipe idea, my advice for today is:

Try new meals. It’s fun!

Not every recipe out there is intimidating. In fact, The Perfect Dinner Meal might be closer than you think. Have you made Chicken à la King? Ratatouille? Spaghetti Pie? Chicken Tetrazzini?

Try them! They’ll jazz up your evenings and broaden your palate beyond pizza and Chinese.


Photo Credit:
Brooke Lark

2 thoughts on “Dinner Tip 5

    1. Of which one? 🙂 Lately, we’ve been more apt to choose the nearest pre-made meal. It gets expensive, though, so we’ll probably have rice and beans all next week…

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