Garbage Bag Vampire

Today is the day I realized that Halloween is next week. NEXT WEEK!!


Given my more lax (AKA lazy) approach to parenting lately, we don’t exactly have costumes picked out for everyone. My boys have talked about it, of course, but haven’t settled on anything. Our conversations have been more like:

Boy: I think I’ll be a knight.

Me: Well, you’re welcome to what we have.

Boy: Hmmm. Maybe I’ll be a ghost.

Me: There might be a clean sheet. Go for it.

While we were watching Casper as a family, I laughed at the father suggesting his daughter wrap up in tin foil and go as a leftover. Frankly, we’re at about that point. It’s probably a sign of how tired and laid-back (AKA lazy) I’ve gotten lately that I think, They can just go out in jeans and sweatshirts and our neighbors will still give them candy.

Heck, the kids will be warmer that way.


Besides actually needing to do work and feeling burned-out at that idea, I feel averse to yet another holiday that is picking my pockets for every last penny. An event that used to have old ladies handing out inedible peanut butter taffies to kids in toilet paper has morphed into full-on haunted houses, king size candy bars, and working Transformer costumes.

My husband’s childhood go-to was throwing a black garbage bag over his shoulders, digging out the previous year’s fake teeth, and going as a vampire.

Those were simpler times; times when society knew expensive costumes weren’t worth $60. Times when maybe the old lady with the taffies also gave out delicious scones and knew your name and where you lived. Times when families went out together and had a good time.

This year laziness (AKA -oh, I finally owned it) may just be the motivation I need to make the better choice: creativity and fun instead of store-bought and expensive.

Maybe all the boys will agree to be ghosts.

9 thoughts on “Garbage Bag Vampire

  1. I loved home-making my costumes as a kid. My mom never put much work into the holiday on our behalf. Creativity is good for kids. If dang Costco would stop putting their costumes out in July or if my kids get old enough to be in school rather than shopping with me maybe someday I’ll escape the expensive costume trap too! Best of luck. My vote is for a family of ghosts!

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  2. I agree. I can’t believe how the cost of Halloween has escalated. You have to be very rich or crazy to buy a costume and the attachments. I’ve seen tiny plastics swords sold for $20…..they could be manufactured for about 10 cents in China. Creativity is the order of the day……..don’t get me started on Christmas.

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    1. Oh, I get burned out about Christmas, too! I’m sure I’ll write about it because it always brings out The Grinch in me!!


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