Thank Heaven for Other Moms

After a morning of dragging, begging, threatening, feeding, packing, and shoeing (and shooing), I thank heaven for other moms.

My slowest child FINALLY made it out the door to school carpool this morning; a plush toy under each arm, a backpack upon his back, and dress up boots on his feet. My friend who drives them said, “Good morning, bears. Are you going to school today?”


After a day of cleaning (and cleaning!), budgeting, planning, calling, exercising, showering, dressing, and napping (though, not me), I thank heaven for other moms.

My preschooler successfully put his clothes away and ‘helped’ me wash dishes and tailed me around the house and asked me every hour, “Can I play?” I texted his friend’s mother. She wrote back: Of course! Send him right over!


After an evening of schooling, homeworking, martial artsing, erranding, and driving driving driving, I thank heaven for other moms.

Four children manned novelty shopping carts around a grocery store in a frenzy not unlike a demolition derby. As I collected various bruised boys beneath each arm and wrestled my way through the checkout line, an older woman touched my shoulder and smiled. “You’re doing a great job, Mom.”


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