C’mere a minute, Bear. I have somefin to tell you about growin up.

Firstly is food. Food is yummy. You can’t eat it ’cause Mommy says I can’t make you a mouth. Also, bears can’t eat any food even with a mouth because you are all stuffing.

I have a mouth but Mommy says to put the grapes back and that floor food isn’t food.

Nummer Two is sleeping. Mommy and Daddy want me to sleep A LOT, even when I’m still playing with you and the sun is not sleeping. I think they play when I sleep so that’s why they want me to sleep.

And then there is outside. Mommy says to play outside. Then she says I’m too dirty and why did I go in the mud. Daddy says -he says to nefer touch the hose and not get wet. I can’t touch his tool bench either or his car. Or his saw or his candy or anyfing!

Growin’ up is all about having lots of things that kids can’t touch.


Wanna go play in the mud?


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